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and three other americans. they were killed last month during an attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. republicans on capitol hill have been criticizing the white house for its handling of the security at the consulate. secretary clinton addressed the criticism saying the president and vice president are not involved in those security decisions. >>> tonight president obama and mitt romney square off for the second of three debates. romney's performance in the first debate helped him surge in the polls. this time president obama is promising a more spirited role. round two of the debates is a town hall format. it will take place at hofstra university. students are excited about the chance to get to ask the president and the republican nominee some questions. mitt romney won the coin toss so he's going to get the first question of the night. andrea? >> jessica, the swing states continue to be the focus of both candidates. the latest "u.s.a. today" gallop poll of swing states shows governor romney has a slight lead over president obama among all likely voters. among registered voters in
has to do and not do is the white house correspondent for "u.s.a. today." good to have you back with us. before we started our interview, you said the obama administration has to stop the bloodletting or as you said bedwetting. that's the onerous on joe biden tomorrow because the president's performance was not good. >> it wasn't good. not that mitt romney beat president obama -- i'm not sure if he did, but barack obama did not look good last week. what vice president biden has to do is stop the bleeding. >> what does paul ryan need to do to keep the momentum going that mitt romney accelerated last week? >> both these candidates are really smart guys that know washington, know how buckets work. -- budgets work. that's what paul ryan's specialty is. he has to show his expertise. this is a great opportunity for him to introduce himself to the american people again and to show take he's somebody that we can credibly believe is one heart beat away frbing president -- from being president. >> we don't vote for vice president. we do vote for them but you know what i'm saying. that's n
by the encrypting technology offered by blackberry until now. u.s. immigration and customs enforcement is the latest federal agency to drop blackberry smartphones for the iphone. blackberry is still the smartphone of choice for capitol hill. earlier this year the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives and national oceanic and atmospheric administration also dumped blackberry for the iphone. >>> wal-mart is facing some tough allegations. according to a federal lawsuit, wal-mart broke labor laws by requiring temporary employees to work overtime without getting paid for it. the suit claims wal-mart made the workers arrive early for their shifts, stay late and work through breaks and lunches. it seeks unpaid wages for the employees. wal-mart says it's committed to ensuring all workers are fairly compensated. >>> fed ex is predicting you're going to spend a lot of your holiday shopping budget this year online. a surge in online shopping is expected to give the package delivery company a boost this holiday season. fed ex expects to move a record 280 million packages between thanksgiving and c
for it. >> reporter: this debate turned out to be the most tweeted event in u.s. history. 10.3 million tweets in total. the big bird comment you just heard generated 17,000 tweets per minute. wow. mike? >> people are apparently passionate about big bird. >> reporter: who knew people loved "sesame street" so much, right? >> no doubt. i never doubted it. >> we all grew up on "sesame street." kristin fisher live in our satellite center. >>> every debate includes a little stretching of the truth so to speak. did mitt romney or president obama do that when they were talking about taxes? derek mcginty watched the debate with our partners at "u.s.a. today." take a listen. >> reporter: there was a lot to talk about regardless, a lot of facts out there, especially this $5 trillion in tax cuts. president obama says that's what romney wants to do. romney says not me. take a listen. >> governor romney's central economic plan calls for a $5 trillion toox cut on top of the -- tax cut on top of the bush tax cuts and another $2 trillion in military spending that the military hasn't asked for. >> i don
. here's a look at a new poll from our partners at "u.s.a. today." it says 24% of people would call themselves obama voters say they could change their minds because of what happened in the presidential debates. it's 18% for people who identify themselves as romney voters. gary nurenberg reports on the increasing number of small undecided voters that are the ones being targeted during tonight's debate. >> reporter: the romney and obama campaigns agree on this. >> it is about the 4%, 5% of people who really have not been paying much attention to the campaign who haven't made up their minds. >> reporter: american university professor. >> anything is possible but in order for it to have real impact, romney would have take some rinks and obama would have to make some mistakes. >> reporter: romney risking alienating the republican right. >> i don't think they would stay home but might give him less money. >> reporter: still important for the ongoing ad war. >> people say that romney should come in with some zingers and try to make obama lose his cool. >> reporter: zingers make debate his
discussion over who's got the better plan for addressing u.s. challenges abroad. obama has a record of both successes and defeats over the past four years, so he will be playing defense. obviously a lot of discussion about iran, libya, particularly the death of our ambassador. >> in terms of iran, there was news over the weekend that the u.s. is potentially getting into one-on-one discussions about nuclear weapons in iran. how could that potentially play into this debate tonight? >> for any sitting president there is a bunch of stuff you don't really within to talk about. diplomacy goes on best behind closed doors. the republicans are accusing the administration of selectively leak thing material so they can say oh yes, we have a plan for iran and it depends on us winning the election. but my suspicion is the president doesn't want to say much about it. it crests more fodder, are you negotiating with these about people and being too weak. i can't we are in a virtual dead heat. if you look at the swing states, it is a slightly different scenario. when is the last time you remember getting th
over here at "u.s.a. today," the headline here, round two, a nicier owe bam -- feistier obama. romney tangles in a lively free for all. over here, a tense rematch. obama-romney ramp up the rhetoric in a fierce fight. you see this picture here, this finger pointing, this picture is on i'd say almost 50% of the domestic newspaper front pages. the finger pointing, it was a very tense moment, very indicative of the style of the entire second debate. it was very substantive but still very entertaining and it was very lively, a very good watch for all of the viewers at home. and as jessica was saying, both candidates really held their own but i do think the edge is going to have to go to president obama. it was a totally different obama than the obama that showed up in the first presidential debate. obama was very energetic, very engaged. he defended his record. he went on the attack. he went off aiz opponent and i think -- after his opponent and i think the edge does have to go to him but mitt romney, he most certainly held his own. he too, attacked the president on everything from the eco
the eastern u.s. there's a cold front out here. that's also going to play into our weather early next week with sandy coming up the coast. the cold air moving in. if everything works out, there could be snow falling in the mountains out west early next week so lots of scenarios. temperatures low to mid-50s in the shenandoah valley. we've got the fog moving in from the east so that's keeping temperatures in the lower, even mid-60s in annapolis. we're 62. let's check in with monika samtani. when i come back again we'll have more on sandy. >>> thank you so much. if you're planning to head into virginia, a couple of early morning incidents. one happened at about 2:30 this morning. it was a single vehicle, deadly accident insides the beltway right -- inside the beltway right here in annandale. i'll step out and show you what it looks like from our live shot. backlick road is still blocked at john mar drive. i would suggest you go ahead and use little river turnpike as your alternate route in annandale inside the beltway. it looks like hopefully they should have everything clear from the roadway
is ahead of president obama. >>> our partners from "u.s.a. today" will be fact checking what biden and ryan said just as they did during the presidential debate. joining me is one of the members of fact checking team paul singer. paul, good to you have here with us. we see the poll numbers 49% to 47%. this time in favor of governor romney. debates are really making a difference. the president's flat performance has changed things. what does joe biden have to do to turn things around? what does paul ryan have to do to keep things going? >> the question is whether joe biden can turn things around. the polls have moved in romney's favor. i think biden clearly wants to again make the difference between ryan and romney clear if he can, sort of separate them and say which side are you on on abortion, where are you on taxes, whose budget are we talking about, really try and nail down some of the facts that biden and obama feel were not clear enough and not made clear enough in the presidential debate. >> es that' because the president didn't -- that's because the president didn't make them clear.
of pressure that he carries with him. in an exclusive interview with "u.s.a. today," rg3 talked about his experience so far this season. >> you do get to play the game you love and get paid to do it, but there's a lot more things that happen off the field and on the field just with the business aspect of it. you do have to be mentally tough and just know that it is everything you dreamed of but it's a lot more than what you dreamed of as well. >> he's proven to be mentally tough for sure. last week it was the image of rg3's electrifying 76-year-old touchdown run that stuck with us all week long. however, one week later redskins nation is stuck with an image they'd probably much remember forget about it. josh wilson getting burned by giants receiver victor cruz on sunday. the 77-yard touchdown cash from manning sealed the skins' fate. unfortunately or fortunately this was a great game but unfortunately that last play is what we're stuck thinking about. >> any time there's something like that that happens, you take a look at that one play, everybody is sick about it. all of a sudden if we p
. joining us for a preview this morning is the white house correspondent for "u.s.a. today," channel 9 and "u.s.a. today" are both owned by gannett. we're glad to have you here with us. the debates have been hiked as game changers but even last month the obama advisors were saying they expect mitt romney to get a big boost from the media and in the polls after wednesday night. is that what we should expect to see? >> it's amazing how both sides can fall over each other to say nice things about each other right before the debate. i think the one and only time they'll say anything nice about each other. it's an interesting situation, for mitt romney, this debate is very important. he does need a game change. he's behind. there's time but time is running out so he needs to reverse momentum. for president obama, he needs to keep the momentum going. he wants to keep romney on the defense and that's what he's going to look to accomplish with the debate. >> it's going to be very tough. we're talking about the economy and the president has to answer that infamous question are we better off tod
will call on the u.s. to work with other nations to arm rebels in syria with weapons that can defeat the presence's army. -- the president's army. romney promised to be a strong international leader if elected. >> when i am president i will take the care it takes to rebuild our principles and restore the principles of main america so far. >> reporter: the republican nominee also couldn't resist taking another shot at the president's debate performance. >> now today, days later, we are hearing his excuses and next january we'll be watching him leave the white house for the first time. >> reporter: first up later this week will be the vice presidential debate. cbs news, washington. >>> the president raised $181 million in september. the romney campaign has not released any september fundraising figures. >>> we are coming up on 6:15. it is chilly in comparison. 46 degrees in the northwest. >> reporter: we were in the 80s a few days ago and 70s on saturday before the front came through. 30s in many of the suburbs. you need a jacket this morning. right now it is dry, so i don't think we h
u.s. senator arlen specter of pennsylvania has died. he was 82 years old. a family member says specter died sunday morning of complications from nonhodgkins lymphoma. he served 30 years in the senate and once headed the judiciary committee. specter was facing a rising conservative republican tide when he switched parties and ran on the democratic primary. he lost that race in 2010. funeral arrangements for arlen specter have not been announced. >>> families of people killed in the september 11 attacks have been invited to watch pretrial hearings for the five men currently charged with planning the terrorist strike. the hearings begin today in guantanamo bay, cuba. the hearings can be viewed through closed circuit television at military installations in new jersey, massachusetts, maryland and new york city. >>> the board of the smithsonian institution needs your ideas so it can stay relevant in the years ahead. a public forum will be held today at 3:00 at the national museum of american history. the session is open to the public and board members will take questions from the aud
enterprise editor at "u.s.a. today." channel 9's sister publications. ray, you're part of the fact checking team we heard in randall's package there, the vice president saying not a single thing that congressman ryan said was accurate. he was talking about one thing. but were there egregious claims made by either candidate last night? >> i wouldn't necessarily say egregious. i would say obviously both candidates made some factual errors when talking about, say, the number of people who might lose health insurance under obama care. congressman ryan said 20 million. it's a high end estimate. i don't think anybody really thinks that's going to happen. vice president biden mentioned some things about what the cost of the ryan medicare plan would be, $6400 to an average family. that's an earliest mat. subsequent plans -- early estimate. subsequent plans the number has gone down. but there wasn't anything where you would say, oh, my god,es that' crazy. >> it sounded like the same arguments just being repeated over and over again. did we get anything new or specific from either candidate? >> no, n
. third quarter gdp is expected to show the u.s. economy grew at a 1.9% pace between july and september. that's better than the second quarter but still weaker than what we'd like to see in a healthy economy. still we are likely to see several strong points. retail sales have been growing and that should help the overall number and car sales have been particularly strong. >>> apple's earnings were mixed for the fourth fiscal quarter. the company's $8.2 billion in profits came up short of expectations. apple shares dropped and after trading, sales for the quarter were up 58% from last year. but ipad tablet sales were lower than expected. still the company is looking ahead to what it homes will be a record shattering holiday season. apple expects shares to be up -- sales to be up 12% from last year which would give the highest quarterly sales ever reported by a tech company. >>> finally apparently diamonds are forever and can make you rich, even when the after life. elizabeth taylor surpassed michael jackson to top forbes' magazine list of the highest earning deb celebrities. she -- dead
look at the u.s. capitol dome, the people's house there. and it is 43 degrees. you will need the medium weight gloves says howard, maybe an umbrella. some light showers out there this morning. thank you for starting your wednesday with us. i'm andrea roane. >>> i'm matt jablow in for mike hydeck this morning. meteorologist howard bernstein is live on the weather terrace with a look at the forecast. howard? >>> i don't know if this is the joker or dracula with me this halloween morning. sprinkles, maybe one or two here in town. we'll need the umbrellas for a little while and the gloves too. the dampness will current through you. thanks, count. we have temperatures running in the 30s and low 40s right now with some showers here and there, light ones. by noon 50 degrees. by 5:00 53. with some luck we get to 55. it is a very -- it's just raw out here this morning. snow in the mountains of pennsylvania, western maryland and west virginia piling up. some areas have had close to 3 feet. these are the light showers i'm talking about up into frederick county now, coming out of eastern west virgi
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